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Although oxygen is vital to the body, it can also cause damage in some circumstances. In this case one speaks of "free radicals". Basically, almost all diseases and inflammations are caused by the influence of free radicals caused by stress, pollution, chemicals, preservatives, UV rays and excessive body activity. The body fights excess free radicals by means of an enzyme, the SOD (Superoxide Dismutase). Although this enzyme is naturally present in the human body, its activity in the body decreases with increasing age. Also effective against free radicals are antioxidants found in plants. Contrary to popular theories, however, these antioxidants can hardly be absorbed by the human body because the low molecular weight antioxidants are chained together (polymerized). Several decades ago, Dr. Ing. Niwa in Japan is a completely natural preparation with SOD-like action, which he has been successfully using for decades in his patients. The effect of this preparation is scientifically documented and appropriate studies are available. Some of its products and applications are well known in Japan, China and Korea.


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