Fossiles Muschelpulver Lemon Granulat

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Calcium is an enormously important mineral for us humans. If the calcium balance is disturbed, severe health damage may occur, at least in the long term. These include osteoporosis and calcification. Osteoporosis can severely restrict our lives. The latter can ultimately lead to death. Accordingly, we absolutely want to make sure that our body is supplied with sufficient calcium. If this is not the case, the body gets the missing calcium out of the bones. The result is osteoporosis. If the body is acidic, it does the same because calcium acts basic. Lack of calcium intake naturally leads to an undersupply of calcium. I do not recommend my calcium supplements only with calcium deficiency.

X-rays show that it is capable of sustainably strengthening the bones and, unexpectedly, reducing calcium deposits in the body. Scientifically this can not be explained, but the results are amazing. Read the supplement for more information.

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