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Quite simply, ceramides are special fats that build our skin barrier. These fats are called sphingolipids. They are the main component of the topmost layer of our skin: the horny layer (stratum corneum). Ceramides naturally occur in our skin. In the skin care they are therefore absolutely compatible and also suitable for natural cosmetics. The skin barrier ensures that no pollutants get into the skin and the skin remains well-moistened. That is the key to a healthy and therefore beautiful skin. By the way also to a young skin. If the skin is protected from dehydration, less wrinkles will also develop. Therefore, the lower layers of the epidermis are constantly producing new ceramides. Ceramides are the building blocks of our skin barrier. Creams containing ceramides or stimulating ceramide synthesis improve the barrier function of the skin. Specifically, this means more moisture and more protection.

Hardly anyone denies the effectiveness of ceramides for the skin. For this reason, I really wanted to offer a ceramide product from Japan. I have carefully selected the product of my assortment. I am convinced that this is a very good product.

Apply 1-2 times daily

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